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Our Services

Pet Sitting Service

You no longer have to worry about leaving your pet at the kennel when you head off on holidays. We will come to your home and care for your pet for you.

Texting Service

We will text you after each visit to let you know how everything is going at home. This is bundled in with our service as a courtesy for your peace of mind.

Video Service

If you would like us to video your pet/s so that you can see for yourself that they are happy and healthy, we can organise to do that. Just call us about it.

We Visit Your Home

We can visit once or twice a day to ensure your pets are not lonely while you are away. We can tailor our visiting program to suit your requirements.

Medication Service

We offer very reasonable rates for delivering prescribed medication to your pet. Talk to us about this service if you wish to take advantage of it when you call.

Extra Services

If you book us for more than 3 days we will pick up your mail, water your plants and put out/pull in your bins for free. Additional requests will be considered.


Having pets need not restrict you from having a holiday or getting away for a well earned mini break. I will give you peace of mind that your beloved pets will be looked after in their own environment whilst you are away. I offer a reliable and unique service that only a fellow pet lover would appreciate. I completely understand the feeling that you can't leave your pets, after all, who would look after them like you do? Who would understand their quirks or routines but you? Well at Holiday Farm Hands I get it. I also have extensive experience with broody chickens and with chicks, so although I understand it is not ideal to leave when you have both, they will be well cared for in your absence, so please give me a call about this service.


We have had dogs all of our lives and have been poultry keepers for many years now. We believe in caring for, and maintaining, our own pet's environment so they thrive and are as healthy and happy as they can be. In addition, we are experienced in giving poultry, dogs and cats medication. We have extensive experience with broody chickens, and chicks, so although we understand it is not ideal to leave when you have both, they will be well cared for in your absence, so please talk to us about this service.

Personal Info

  •   0407 646 294
  •  P.O. Box 4011 Invermay TAS 7248



Services and Pricing


Free Trial






Poultry and Pet Sitting

1 Visit per day 

From $25

2 Visits per day

From $40

Dog Walking 

(Per 30 min/dog)


Medication Giving

(Per pet)


Combined pet sitting

$5 for each extra pet group or as negotiated e.g. dogs,

cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc.

Price is dependent on size of flock and includes:

Top up of water and food

Visual health/safety check

Light general clean

Egg collection

Food shopping (you supply the money)

Food preparation

(sorry no cooking)

While you are away your pets will get an extra cuddle for you, from us. No extra charge. 

Chicken Care Services

Coop cleaning

(Using your bedding)

Includes call out fee

From $40

Coop cleaning

(Using bedding supplied 

by Me)

From $50

Pen Refresher

Includes call out fee

Lime, and Straw

From $50

Visual Health check

Visual Safety check

Light general clean

Egg collection

Chicken Health Services


(Per bird)

Includes call out fee and worming tablet


$5 per additional bird

Whole flock by negotiation

Scaly leg mite treatment

(Per bird per day)

Includes call out fee and product


$5 per additional bird per day

Bird mite dusting

(Pestene or Diatomaceous earth per bird)

Includes call out fee and product

$5 per additional bird

Whole flock by negotiation

Ivermectin treatment

(Per bird)

Includes call out fee and single application


$5 per additional bird

Whole flock by negotiation

General visual health check

General visual safety check

Light general clean

Other Services

Mail collection

Plant watering

Putting wheelie bins in or out as required

All of the above services are complementary when booking our visits over a 3 day period or longer. 

As well as your pets being looked after, you can be kept up to date with how things are going at home via text. As part of my service, you can receive text messages after each visit, daily or weekly, for that additional peace of mind.

We also offer a service where we can video record our visits for additional peace of mind. This function is available on request.

All visits are services can be combined to save you money. Discounts available for bulk bookings or bookings of 5 or more day's duration.

We Accept cash, direct deposit and PayPal.


What areas do you visit?

Launceston and the Tamar Valley and surrounds but we will negotiate other areas.

Will you look after our school pets?

Yes, gladly.

What if my plans change while I am away on holidays and want to stay for longer?

No problems. Just let us know prior to your original return date and we can negotiate your pets ongoing care from then.

What will happen if an emergency occurs while I am away?

If your pet gets sick or an emergency occurs while you are away we always ask you for your preferred vet and an emergency contact number prior to taking on a new job.

Do I need to book for you to care for my pets?

Yes, it can get busy over the holiday season and it is advisable to contact us when you are organising your holiday arrangements to book to avoid disappointment.


Highly recommended! Cheryl looked after my Silkies when I was away overseas. They were pampered and spoilt like her own feathered babies. No one can do a better job than her.

Eric Gooi

Happy Client
Highly recommended. Our dog Chester has been dog sat by Cheryl and John and he was treated like royalty . If you love your pets, I would recommend them to anyone.

Karen Lapham

Very Happy
Cheryl has been looking after us while our owner is away. We have been having such a lovely time, we don't want to go home. Cheryl treats us like the royalty we obviously are.

Ricky and Marnie

Very Spoilt